Bar Nine Home

What is Bar Nine Home? Why does it exist? How will it benefit you in your home coffee journey? And perhaps most importantly, what problems currently exist in the coffee subscription world that we could solve? These were the questions we knew we had to answer in creating this new product.

There is an intense desire among home coffee lovers to experience something wonderful, as well as something consistent day-to-day. For the subscription customer, variety is paramount, but in multi-roaster programs there is the issue of having to trust the curator that the roaster that ships their coffee will deliver as good of a roast as another roaster in that program. There is also a huge gap that can be filled in education for the avid home coffee consumer.

Quite simply, this is where we come in. Bar Nine Home is a forward-thinking take on the traditional home coffee subscription. Our team works diligently to curate exclusive coffees not available on our regular menu and then ship a different coffee every two weeks right to your door. Exploration is key, but you can count on the quality control and roast profiling we are known for. There is also exclusive content, from coffee cards that dig deep into your coffee of the week, as well as brew recommendations and more in the education side. Home customers also receive special pricing on our other coffee selections storewide. We think this is the best coffee subscription on the market, and we promise we will keep working to push it forward, each and every shipment. 


Enjoy Bar Nine Home today