Bar Nine Home: Odyssey

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*Now offering options for Grind Size as well as 1kg Bags, perfect for larger families or offices!*

Say hello to our new subscription, Bar Nine Home: Odyssey.

For those that throw caution to the wind, love a sense of exploration with every coffee they taste, and are interested in never stopping learning, boy do we have a subscription for you!

Bar Nine Home: Odyssey is our revamped new take on the Home Subscription, featuring a rotating selection of insanely delicious tastes. From wildly delicious limited batch Geshas, to rotating single origins, or for a special "Odyssey" Blend that features a similar taste profile. While our Classic subscription gives you 250g of coffee every time, Odyssey is about the value presented. Sometimes you'll receive 250g of our delicious Odyssey blend, or you may receive anywhere from 50g to 300g at at time of special, limited release selections. It's more about trying new tastes and getting first access at some super special coffees. 

Looking for a little more consistency? Take a look at Bar Nine Home: Classic. Can't decide which is right for you? Explore our new Try Me! Box where both tastes are present.

Odyssey subscriptions are shipped out every other Wednesday.
Upcoming Odyssey ship dates: 7/17, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28