Swiss Water Decaf - Kenya AA/AB

Swiss Water Decaf - Kenya AA/AB

We are so excited to welcome this coffee back to our menu. Year after year, this is one of the more exceptional decaf selections we get to taste, with the best and biggest screen sizes in Kenya (AA and AB) sent to Vancouver to be decaffeinated via Swiss Water Process. This coffee has a sparkling, lively acidity, with deep tartaric notes and shines as a filter or espresso. Definitely worth exploring!

Tastes  bright, sweet berry


Region  Nyeri, Kenya

Our roast days are Monday and Wednesday. All coffee is roasted to order and ships one day after the day it was roasted.

All of our coffee is now flushed with nitrogen when bagged, creating an inert atmosphere that improves freshness. An unopened bag of coffee can now retain freshness for 4+ weeks.