Workshop 2: How To Brew Pour Overs - 3/13/18

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It's all about the details.

For many of us, pour overs are the principle way we enjoy coffee at home. From the classic Melitta cone to the simplicity of the Chemex to the flat bed style of the Kalita Wave, there is a lot of romance, as well as a lot of mystery, in making coffee one cup at a time.

The question becomes, how do I do this well? What variables are constant no matter what brewer I'm using, and how do I optimize my extraction for a particular brewer.

In How To Brew Pour Overs, learn about all these details and get some great hands on experience behind our bar, where you will find, it is truly all about the details.

This class will be held on 3/13/18 from 6:30-8PM.