Workshop 1: How To Cup Coffee - 3/6/18

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The Fundamental Tool.

Cupping coffee is the most important tool in your arsenal in your coffee journey. It's the best way to understand tasting, evaluating, and appreciating all the nuances involved in a great coffee. It's how roasters evaluate green coffee samples, perform quality control on production batches, and learn as much about their product as possible.

Even as baristas, cupping proves to be invaluable as that becomes our guide in brewing coffee. It's how we know a given coffee is supposed to taste, and shows us all its hidden depths. We can then jump further into our extractions, truly getting the most out of every cup.

Cupping is also the best way to taste multiple coffees at the same time, as they are all brewing at the same time in their cupping bowls. That means we can see how each coffee is at each of its stages, from fragrance and aromatics to its acidity and sweetness to how it finishes on our palate.

This Workshop will give you all the tools you need to understand cupping, which will in turn give you so many further tools in your coffee journey. 

How To Cup Coffee will take place on Tuesday 3/6/18 from 6:30PM-8PM at Bar Nine. We hope to see you there!