The 9 - Single Estate

by Bar Nine

$ 18.00

A New Year, and New "9"

Our flagship blend is back, and truly better than ever. For this iteration of The 9, we are narrowing our focus to a single estate in the Guji region of Ethiopia. This is a direct trade blend with 2 of the same coffees, each processed in a different way, produced by our friends Ashenafi Argaw and Steve Holt at Unravel Merchants. 

Given the 2 coffees each have the exact same varietal make-up, density, and harvest schedule, we are roasting them together to maximize the concept of interchange, where the tastes of 2 unique components harmonize by taking on each other's taste in the roaster. If you are a subscriber to our Odyssey subscription, you've tasted each the Washed and Natural versions of these coffees in successive shipments. As beautiful as they are on their own, together they create a symphony of taste that we brought us back to the taste experiences that have come to define our roasting style and sourcing approach over the years.

This is truly our favorite release of The 9, dating back to when we dropped a naturally fermented Gesha back in 2018! When we tasted these coffees together for the first time earlier this year, it was a revelatory moment. Our production team all agreed simultaneously, if there was ever a taste profile that defined a Bar Nine release, this was it. Available now for immediate release.

The 9 - Single Estate is made of:

50% Rogicha, Natural, Guji, Ethiopia

50% Rogicha, Washed, Guji, Ethiopia

Purple Fruits and Flowers, Defined Sugars, and a Resonant Finish

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