"The 9"

by Bar Nine

$ 18.00

Guess who's back.

Back in 2018, we introduced our first iteration of what became our most well-known and popular blend, The 9. At the time, it was a harmony of fruit and florals fused by a supple washed Colombian coffee and a Natural Gesha component (Baru) from Panama. As that profile was so unique, we have not always had an iteration of that blend on our menu since, only releasing when we can find that specific balance of berry, candied citrus, gorgeous florals, and resonant sweetness. 

The base of this blend, El Platanillo (aka Pura Fruta), has a vibrant intensity, with bursts of tartaric fruits and lingering sugared sweetness. Its accent, El Mezcal, was a recent Odyssey shipment, prized on its own for its lovely white grape acidity, candied citrus, and unique agave-like sweetness. It also has a floral attribute that is brought out with higher energy in the roaster, which has been the staple approach of this blend from the beginning.

Together, it is a beautiful taste profile that exemplifies so much of what we love in coffee, presenting like a vintage “B9” release. Play with water at 200-201 and 1:16 ratios, then explore from there!

The 9 is made of:

80% El Platanillo, Natural, Coban, Ethiopia
20% El Mezcal, Washed, Chiapas, Mexico

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For our coffees, we recommend starting with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio with water at 201-202F. From there, explore and have fun!