"The 9"

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This is a new kind of blend.

Supple orange blossom and honeyed characteristics up front. Deep purple florals, jammy berry, and an effervescent acidity on the finish. When we launched it, we took a crazy step of including a natural Gesha from Panama and it blew us away. We worked diligently to recreate that profile with new components, and are proud of how the new 9 is popping. Flipping the ratios on its head, we're now using a washed Colombian coffee as the accent, with a fabulous natural from Sidama, Ethiopia as the base. It's just as vibrant but even juicier than before. It's a stunning blend, and we couldn't be more excited to share!

The 9 is made of:
70% Acacia, Sidama, Ethiopia
30% Patroness, Narino, Colombia

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