Tchembe (Limited Release)

Tchembe (Limited Release)

*Limited Release* - 2016 winner of World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (Greece, Michalis Dimitrakapoulos)

From Ninety Plus:

We remember the first taste experience of Tchembe years ago expressing thick carob and sweet banana. Like the wide range of tones from a Djembe drum - deep bass tones from the center, sharp bright tones from the edge, it was easy to detect and remember Tchembe upon first sip. Over the seasons, it has been refined to more delicate fruit nuances, offering a balance of stone fruit between the red fruits present in Nekisse and Hachira.

Tastes  cherry, nasturtium, clove

Cultivar  mixed heirloom

Elevation  1750-2000 m

Farm  Ninety Plus Estates, Shakicha, Ethiopia

Processing  Dried with cherry

Our roast days are Monday and Wednesday. All coffee is roasted to order and ships one day after the day it was roasted.

All of our coffee is now flushed with nitrogen when bagged, creating an inert atmosphere that improves freshness. An unopened bag of coffee can now retain freshness for 4+ weeks.