Perci Limited Batch #242 - Roast Date 5/29/18

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Every two weeks we will be releasing a limited batch coffee with just enough for a single roast date. These limited batch coffees are available by the 125g bag and in limited supply. The coffees are available for pre-order now!

Blackberry, dark chocolate, lavender

The name Perci is derived in part from the word "perspective." Misled on our first blind evaluation of Perci, we were sure a berry tasting Ethiopian coffee was on the table. Thoughts were not of the gesha coffee variety, which generally exhibits a basic set of citrus and floral characteristics. With Perci, those characteristics are present but our processing adds complexity with layers of red berries and dark chocolate.

Industry impact

-2012: Highest score ever awarded to a coffee on Coffee Review at that time (97 points)

Coffee Stats

Variety: Gesha

Fermentation: Natural, "hot" fermentation

Harvest: 2017