Perci - Gesha Variety

Perci - Gesha Variety

We have an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share some extraordinary tastes in the form of world-class coffees at truly affordable prices this Fall and Winter. These tastes are wild, beautiful, and normally reserved for the highest paying customer or in coffee competitions. Get a taste of this wonderful coffee while it is in stock!

From our producing partner Ninety Plus:

The name Perci is derived in part from the word "perspective." Misled on our first blind evaluation of Perci, we were sure a berry tasting Ethiopian coffee was on the table. Thoughts were not on the gesha coffee variety, which generally exhibits a basic set of citrus and floral characteristics. With Perci, those characteristics are present but our processing adds complexity with layers of red berries and dark chocolate.

Tastes  blackberry, dark chocolate, lavender

Cultivar  Gesha

Fermentation  dried with cherry, "hot fermentation"

Farm  Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, Panama

Our roast days are Monday and Wednesday. All coffee is roasted to order and ships one day after the day it was roasted.

All of our coffee is now flushed with nitrogen when bagged, creating an inert atmosphere that improves freshness. An unopened bag of coffee can now retain freshness for 4+ weeks.