Mandarin - A Limited Release (9/27/21)

by Bar Nine

$ 45.00

Note: Shipping in 125g bags 

Recently shipped for Odyssey, we are thrilled to share what is undoubtedly one of the wildest coffees we've ever shared. This Mandarin Natural was produced by Diego Bedoya in Caldas, Colombia. Where to begin in describing it?

The most obvious first thing is its processing. While it is a natural, the way Mr. Bedoya gets there is very individual and makes for a distinctive cup. Fermented for 110 hours in 20 liter tanks, where CO2 displaces oxygen along with freshly picked and dehydrated Mandarin peels. Its intensity and Mandarin taste resonate completely.

The other key difference to this coffee comes with its variety, Tabi. We don't come across this variety too often, it is a cultivar derived from 2 naturally occurring Arabica varieties in Typical and Bourbon, as well as some elements of Robusta. This cultivar was originally developed to combat coffee rust, but its use here leads to a unique character in its own right. Tabi is gaining in popularity in Colombia, where it is being grown. 

This is one of the most memorable coffees we've had the pleasure to share since we've launched. We can't wait for you to enjoy this expressive, dynamic, and sublimely interesting profile.

Cherry cola, sweet citrus, tropical, rose, pink peppercorns


This limited roast will be roasted on 9/27/21.

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