Lycello Limited Batch #206 - Roast Date 5/15/18

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Every two weeks this Winter and Spring we will be releasing a limited batch coffee with just enough for a single roast date. These limited batch coffees are available by the 125g bag and in limited supply. The coffees are available for pre-order now!

Sparkling lemon, earl grey tea, lychee

Stanley Chien (aka Bruce Lee), a multi-year coffee champion of Taiwan, visited the Ninety Plus Gesha Estates and tasted gesha coffee cherries for the first time. It reminded him fo the lychee fruit that grew in his backyard as a child. While considering the name of this coffee, we were listening to the talented cellist Yo Yo Ma. His precise and focused technique inspired us, and we decided to name the coffee by combining the notes of Lychee flavor with the name of Yo Yo Ma's musical instrument. Lycello expands on the traditional washed Panama gesha coffee flavor, utilizing innovative processing techniques to enhance aromatic complexity and depth in mouthfeel to balance this elegant coffee's sparkling, lemon-like brightness

Industry impact

-Ninety Plus Maker Stefanos Domatiotis won the World Brewers Cup in Rimini, Italy

-2014: Ninety Plus former Maker Craig Simon took 4th in the 2013 World Barista Championship in Rimini, Italy

Coffee Stats

Variety: Gesha

Fermentation: Washed

Harvest: 2017