George Koustoumpardis Maker Series (Limited Release)

George Koustoumpardis Maker Series (Limited Release)

The Maker Series from Ninety Plus is a limited batch project focused on delicious taste experiences from a single "Maker" and their unique fermentation recipe with a given coffee variety. This selection is from renowned coffee pro George Koustoumpardis. It is a vibrant cup with tastes reminiscent of coffees such as Kemgin and Nitsu Ruz, but with a more pronounced fruit character. We only have a small amount of this, so get your order in while you can!

Tastes  elegant florals, stone fruit, lingering spice

Cultivar  single variety

Farm  Ninety Plus Estates, Guji, Ethiopia

Our roast days are Monday and Wednesday. All coffee is roasted to order and ships one day after the day it was roasted.

All of our coffee is now flushed with nitrogen when bagged, creating an inert atmosphere that improves freshness. An unopened bag of coffee can now retain freshness for 4+ weeks.