Espresso Nectar

by Bar Nine

$ 24.00


Note: Espresso Nectar is available ONLY for local pickup currently. If you'd like immediate pickup, you can also grab a bottle of current stock at Ten in Marina Del Rey. 


The Magic of Espresso. The Simplicity of a Bottle.

Say hello to a home coffee revolution. This is espresso, as you know and love it, in a brand new form factor. Espresso Nectar is a new, proprietary brew process we started developing in 2019. It is the primary way we serve espresso now in our cafes, and can deliver a a beautiful representation of espresso without an espresso machine.

A single shot is 1 oz to dose simply and consistently for perfect espresso at home. Just give it a shake and keep in refrigerator between uses. Can be heated, as well as aerated to create crema. Enjoy as-is, in cocktails or in cooking or baking, make traditional espresso and milk drinks, or come up with your own. The joy is in the discovery.


Current Blend:


Finca El Platanillo, Coban, Guatemala

Yirg Z, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


For more info, check out our Introducing Espresso Nectar and FAQ pages.

Roasted To Order

All coffee is roasted to order. Our production days are Monday and Wednesday. Orders placed before 8A on either of those days will be added to that day's schedule.

Shipped The Next Day

After roasting, the coffee is vacuum-sealed for optimal freshness and leaves our facility the next day.


For our coffees, we recommend starting with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio with water at 201-202F. From there, explore and have fun!