Our seasonal espresso offering is comprised of one of our curated selections, with a slightly altered roast profile to increase caramelization, reduce the intensity of acidity, and have the optimal roast solubility to extract as espresso. It can be brewed as filter, but will have increased body, lending itself better to milk. Our other single origins can also be extracted as espresso, however will require higher brew ratios to achieve a balanced extraction.

As of December 12th, Bar Nine Espresso is

Nitsu Ruz, Guji, Ethiopia

Our current recommended recipe is

18g dry mass, 34-38g yield, 25-30 seconds

Our roast days are Monday and Wednesday. All coffee is roasted to order and ships one day after the day it was roasted.

All of our coffee is now flushed with nitrogen when bagged, creating an inert atmosphere that improves freshness. An unopened bag of coffee can now retain freshness for 4+ weeks.