Espresso Nectar FAQ

The best ways to get started and handy drink ratios.

Espresso Nectar at Ten Cafe, Marina del Rey


Wait, is it really espresso?

Yes it is! It's just a different way of getting there. We've spent a year and half in R&D to get here, we feel confident you'll enjoy. In fact, it's the standard espresso offering at our new cafe, Ten, in Marina del Rey (pictured above).

How much is one shot?

Espresso Nectar is dosed by volume, with every Ounce = 1 shot. As a reference, most drinks you get from cafes and restaurants will have a double shot as standard.

How do I get crema?

Crema can happen very simply through aeration. From battery powered steam wands like the Aerolatte, or through the use of steam, you can achieve a beautiful crema suitable for pouring latte art. 

Can it be heated?

Absolutely! In our cafes, we use steam to achieve both heat and aeration, but it can be heated separately, either over the stove or even in a microwave. We recommend not taking the Nectar too hot, bringing it to a temp of up to 150F, if it gets hotter than that it can eventually reduce down / alter flavor. We serve Espresso Nectar at 135F in our cafes. That said, you can take it farther. We actually reduce it down by simmering with brown sugar and vanilla bean to make a syrup for a Coffee Cream Soda over at Ten!

How much caffeine is in a shot of Espresso Nectar?

A "double" shot will have roughly the same caffeine content of a normal double shot of espresso, about 70-80mg. This is less than a filter coffee or cold brew, but is obviously concentrated, so be mindful. It's super tasty and easy to drink!

The bottle says to shake before serving, why is that?

Like a traditional extraction of espresso, there is a higher percentage of oils present in the finished brew. Shaking each time before serving ensures that the Espresso stays emulsified for consistency in both tactile sensation as well as "the flavors of pressurization," which is where the magic of espresso really comes through.

How long is the shelf life?

Provided it's refrigerated, Espresso Nectar can be used up to 28 days from brew. We will mark that use by date on the bottle. We find the crema is most stable for the first 14 days from brew, but is still flavorful throughout.

I'd love to make some drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. What are the ratios?

The beautiful thing about coffee is that there are a myriad of ways we can enjoy, and with Espresso Nectar, that freedom is felt even more. While ultimately how you enjoy it (with milk, on its own, in a cocktail, in baking or cooking, making your own signature drinks, etc) is really up to you, here are some helpful ratios we use with Espresso Nectar to get you started.


Single Espresso = 1 oz Espresso Nectar

Espresso Macchiato = 1.5 oz Espresso Nectar : 1 dollop milk foam

Gibraltar / Cortado = 2 oz Espresso Nectar : 2 oz milk, cold or steamed

Cappuccino = 2 oz Espresso Nectar : 3-4 oz milk, cold or steamed

Caffe Latte = 2 oz Espresso Nectar : 5-8oz milk, cold or steamed

Americano = 2 oz Espresso Nectar : 3-4 oz water, hot or cold


Please feel free to reach out with any further questions! Enjoy!