Home Subscription - Recurring
Home Subscription - Recurring

Home Subscription - Recurring

Dig deeper into the Bar Nine Experience with our Home subscription, featuring coffees grown and produced by our sourcing partner Ninety Plus.

Every two weeks you will receive an exclusive offering - a 250g bag of a very special coffee not available retail or wholesale. But this is so much more than just an amazing subscription: you will receive exclusive content, education on brewing, and special pricing throughout our online store. This is for the enthusiast, the lover of new experiences, the person who is just starting on their home coffee journey. We are here to provide direction, support, and some fantastic coffees. Become a member today.

The next coffee ships April 26, 2017.

Most Recent Shipments

  • 21.  Hachira (3/15/17)
  • 22.  Kemgin (3/29/17)
  • 23.  Nekisse (4/12/17)


*Bar Nine Home has Free First Class Shipping included in the price, US customers only.