La Pradera Wush Wush - a Limited Release (6/22/22)

by Bar Nine

$ 27.50

Note: Shipping in 125g bags 

Another sublime shipment that Odyssey subscribers experienced, available now for Limited Release. Much like the Gesha Variety before it, "Wush Wush" is a cultivar of coffee that is slowly taking the industry by storm.

Originally found in Ethiopia, Wush Wush is a beautiful albeit rare variety, with gorgeous in-the-cup profiles. Being lower in yield, it is prized for both its rarity as well as its qualitative attributes, which are many. They can present differently depending on the specific cup, its fermentation profile, and growing region.

This particular release was grown in the Cordillera Eastern Mountain Range in Colombia by La Pradera Coffee Company, which as been family-operated for over 50 years. This is an Anaerobic (oxygen-free) Honey Fermentation. Our cupping notes include

Tropical fruit, vanilla, peach oolong, and blood orange.

In addition, there are hints of Berry with a supple Honey sweetness. It is round and does have some floral attributes (rose buds) but despite its complexity, the coffee is grounded in an expression wholly familiar and approachable. It really is a beautiful thing until itself. Just one roast date left of this beautiful coffee!


This limited roast will be roasted on 6/22/21.

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Shipped The Next Day

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For our coffees, we recommend starting with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio with water at 201-202F. From there, explore and have fun!