Kerinci, Natural, Sumatra

by Bar Nine

$ 11.25

A wild, fruit-forward Indonesian coffee. 

What strikes us most about Kerinci is how remarkably different it is than any other coffee we've tasted from Sumatra. This is a very clean and juicy cup. The acidity veers between malic (more red apple at cooler brew temps vs more green apple at higher brew temps) and some tartaric (think blackberry), with nuanced lemon zest, vanilla bean, and baking spice.

A memorable and unique cup, Kerinci will appeal to a wide variety of coffee lovers, but is especially rewarding for those seeking a little adventure. 

Juicy fruit, big and plush mouthfeel, dynamic as it cools.  

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For our coffees, we recommend starting with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio with water at 201-202F. From there, explore and have fun!