Baru - Gesha

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Gesha to the masses.
Through our work with the wildly innovative coffee producers Ninety Plus, we've had the opportunity to share some crazy delicious coffees with you, but it is their work in Baru, Panama that might be the most game-changing for the industry in the form of Baru Gesha, a true volume-priced Gesha variety selection that takes the wildest tastes they achieve through fermentation and deliver it in a price point that is truly accessible. 

The fermentation recipe is the same natural "hot" fermentation that is used in Perci, one of the most popular Gesha selections in the industry. You can also get taste of Baru as the accent to our new flagship blend, The 9. 

Jammy blackberry, jasmine, lilac, dark chocolate


Baru, Volcan, Panama

Ninety Plus "Hot" Fermentation

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