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At Bar Nine, we believe that we are storytellers as much as we are roasters, coffee enthusiasts, and hospitalitarians. With that in mind, we are so excited to share this new release, 1961, a blend that is an ode to a landmark year in coffee.

It was in 1961 that Faema released the famed E61 espresso machine, the very first pump-driven espresso machine. To date, there had been steam powered machines at the turn of the century, as well as spring piston levers, which were the mainstay at that time. The lever is a brilliant design, but one that requires the "barman" (as they are known in Italy) to focus on consistency the way we now work to find consistency at home with a manual pour over. The person pulling the shot was the one adding the pressure. The E61 changed all that, with a pump in the machine that delivered water from the boiler to the group head.

This advancement allowed espresso machines to be used by a wider variety of people, with simpler training, and helped revolutionize the coffee industry at large. To date, pump-driven machines are far and away the standard at nearly every coffee house around the globe.

Drawing on that inspiration, we present 1961, a blend that harkens back to the taste of a simpler time, but presented through the distinct lens of our roasting philosophy. With tasting notes such as dark chocolate, juicy blackberry, a resonant sweetness, and lingering spice, this is a beautiful melange between old world coffee tastes and new school roasting philosophy. It's an incredibly exciting coffee, one we cannot wait to share with you!

1961 consists of

67% Ipe, Natural Process, Brazil

33% Acacia, Natural Process, Ethiopia

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