Upping the Ante on Sustainability

Since Bar Nine started, one of our founding goals was to do whatever we could to make a positive difference in the world around us. On the sustainability side, in addition to being partially solar powered, we have been so proud of offering our Glass Jar takeaway program. It's very simple, we give the guest the jar on their visit, and ask them to return it the next time they come in. It has been a huge success. We see somewhere between 50-60% of our jars returned, which is really amazing, but we feel that is only a first step.

Our dream: to see a 100% return rate on our glass takeaway program. It is an ambitious idea, but we are ambitious people, and we are confident we can create a context to achieve that goal.

Our plan moving forward is simple. Starting January 1st, upon return of your Glass Jar, we will cover 25 cents toward your next drink. It's our way of saying thank you for helping to not contribute to the massive waste problem from coffee bars around the world. In that same vein, we will also be offering 25 cents off your drink if you bring in your own re-usable takeaway cup.

1 disposable coffee cup thrown away is a small thing in isolation, however over 1 billion cups are thrown away each year from coffee bars alone. There are some areas where we can all make big changes to our every day lives and routines to help the peril facing our planet, and there are some smaller areas like this. By acting together, the total sum of our actions can make a huge difference.