3 Coffees, 1 Price

“Simplify, simplify.”

-Henry David Thoreau

One of the fundamental driving forces for us here at Bar Nine is making great coffee simpler for our end user; whether that is the guest coming into our cafe, the person making coffee at home, or the pro account making it for their guests.  We have worked hard to be focused in our coffee selections, keeping our menu to a fixed number of 3 of the most exceptional coffees of the season.  We want to take it one step further.

All our coffees now cost the same.

Selecting a coffee for purchase, whether you are making it at your house or buying for your cafe, should never be a decision based on price, it should be a decision based on preference.  What flavors inspire you?  What would your guests love to enjoy?  What would make a killer espresso, or what would you prefer to serve as a pour over?  These are the kind of questions we want to be able to ask our guests and accounts, and variable pricing gets in the way of that.  Because of this, we are offering a fixed price for all of our coffee, retail or wholesale*.  We are thrilled to work harder on our end so we can achieve this, because we want it easy for you.  Whether in-store or online, all of our retail coffee in 12 oz bags now sells for $20.  Happy Simplification.

*for more wholesale info, visit BarNineWholesale.com

3 Coffees, 1 Price